The Bag Age

 Logo design, colour palette, typography


A high-end handbag store selling imported brand name products. Various antique pieces of furniture and beautiful product lighting accompanied the white plus earth-tone interior.


Create a clean and discreet logo that specifically used the iconic ‘evolution’ image, to be a visual pun for the company name.


For this evolutionary sequence, I decided to use four figures instead of the usual five or six, for more simplicity. I designed a confident and successful woman to place as the fourth silhouette, making sure she was noticeably taller than the other three figures.

To add deeper meaning and congruency to the imagery and the brand name, I showed the evolution of the bag — from the early cloth pouch carried by the ape, to the modern, sleek handbag carried by the woman.

I chose a single colour to use for the the bags and the name — one that closely matched a hue from the store interior. I chose the main typeface for it’s bold and stylish features, especially since the swash capitals for the B and A looked pretty sweet. The little word “the” couldn’t be the same font or size because it doesn’t has as much importance. I felt that a small, thin handwritten font would compliment the larger “Bag Age” words quite nicely without fighting for attention, and it did… The similar slant angles and the contrast of thick and thin made these two fonts work together perfectly.

The Bag Age Specs