“Robert really listened to what I was looking for and developed something perfectly suited to my needs.”

– Kate Okolita, Founder of Lupa (USA)


A unique and stylish loungewear clothing company that is directly tied to a charity for dogs in need.


Design a logo and colour palette to match the brand personality: confident, simple, and fun. The logo was to convey class, positivity, and passion. The logo had to somehow tie in with dogs, either subtly or blatantly. The colours had to attract a female audience, but at the same time, could not exclude a male audience.


After many sketches and different iterations of dogs and dog-related iconography, I came up with a dog portrait in a certain meaningful pose. A dog in this kind of pose—looking up to its master with ears back and relaxed—communicates loyalty and trust in its master; the dog awaits the next command.

Tellural Bold was the font choice for the brand’s confident yet comfortable personality. The letter shapes were slightly modified for more symmetry and balance.

The colours are blend of purple, blue, and beige to target mainly females without excluding males.