Leki Aviation

“Robert was instrumental in ensuring that we delivered on time, on budget and to the great satisfaction of our management.”

– Director of Business Development, Leki Aviation Pte Ltd



Leki Aviation is a B2B company specializing in airplane parts. It operates globally and has offices in several countries.

It is as much a service company as a product company, providing excellent logistical support and personalized customer experiences. Within a zero-error industry, the company is proactive, comprehensive, fast, and competitively priced.

Leki Aviation’s value lies in these three building blocks: relationships, customer service, and dedication to quality.


1. Redesign the company’s identity: logo, colour palette, and typography
2. Layout a comprehensive style guide for both print and screen
3. Design modular-style flyer templates for both print and screen

This revamped brand identity should bring cohesion and unity to the company, and help it stand out, be recognized, and be remembered.

Identity in Use

flyer rack close IMG_7230-LR4_800px
flyer rack, meeting room IMG_7269-LR4_800px
Stationery display IMG_7097-LR4_800px


“Our global sales team takes great pleasure in using the new marketing material and we have received wide recognition and compliments for our new logo.”

– Director of Business Development, Leki Aviation Pte Ltd


Brand Style Guide

Flyers for Web and Print






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