JDB is a consumer products manufacturer established in 1998, and based in Shenzhen, China. They specialize in metal materials, such as stainless steel, lron, aluminum, and zinc alloy.


Develop a brand identity and execute product photography. This included a logo with variations, business card design, a one-fold brochure layout, copywriting, as well as extensive product photography and digital photo retouching. They needed their brand to stand out from other Chinese factories while attending trade shows and prospecting new clients. They required a non-threatening look and feel that immediate gained trust with new clients.


For the logo, I used a word mark set in the Bookman Old Style typeface to align with the company’s long history. The name JDB comes from the companies acronym, derived from the full Chinese name, Jin Ding Bao. I used a bold shade of blue and gave the word mark a slight hard-edged bevel to create a metallic effect. I didn’t want a metallic look that was way too obvious.

Swiss 721 BT was used for the accompanying typeface because of it’s preciseness and versatility. It comes with various weights, so it was ideal for both bold headlines and slender body copy, as can be seen in the brochure design. Two other shades of blue were used for a trustworthy and traditional feel.

The paper for the business card was a thick stock with a metallic shimmer. The brochure layout was clean and spaced out, showing the product hero shots front and centre and a bold headline with two-tone typography.

All marketing materials had prominent product photography, and a custom-colour QR code linking to the website’s products page.

Business Card




Colours and Typefaces

JDB Colour Palette Design




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