Goldtreaders Dog Club

Goldtreaders Dog Club


Flyball team consisting of four dogs and their owners who compete in an eastern Canadian flyball league.


Design a logo that would be embroidered onto team uniforms and hats, and to use the team’s main colour—yellow.


There were many concept sketches in my notebook before coming up with a badge style logo. At some point, I started trying to combine the uppercase ‘G’ with a dog’s paw, and I knew it was only a matter of time before an iconic symbol took shape. Once the icon was finalized I worked in the full name of the organization. It’s not a short name, and the circular badge style seemed to work the best because it’s very evident at first glance that it’s a team logo.

The font used is Rockwell Extra Bold, a chunky slab serif with a lot of impact. It’s the kind of font that says, “Move aside, comin’ through!” Perfect for those flyball dogs that come barreling down the course at like 800 kilometres an hour.

Colours and Typefaces

Robert Hacala Logo Design - Goldtreaders




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