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Bluefish is an English content service provider that helps Taiwanese businesses reach international clients through technical documentation and promotional copywriting.


Develop a brand name and complete brand identity design, including logo design, business card, website layout, animation and soundtrack. The brand personality was simple, professional, approachable, and trustworthy. Once the name was approved, we agreed to use blues for the colour palette, and not include any imagery of fish (because it’s too literal and overdone).


The name Bluefish Consulting is a fun and evocative word coupled with a professional and descriptive word. When spoken, and sometimes when written, the name is naturally shortened to just “Bluefish.” In official documents or as a first occurrence in body copy, the descriptive word “Consulting” is added to suit the Taiwanese market. The exact dot-com domain name was taken, so a variation with the word “Go” added gives a sense of urgency and action (

For the logo, only a few concepts made it to the sketchbook. The strongest concept was a single font in two colours and no space between the words. The unique roundedness of the DF667 Chlorine font was simply stunning, and had a friendliness that seemed to swim underwater. The row of random yet ordered dots represent a kind of technological code, and look like the bubbles that a digital fish would make!

To accompany the identity design I chose a deep blue, a cyan blue, and a cool grey. The website and animation had a bright orange added to attract the eye to certain texts. The website mimicked the roundedness of the logotype, and each page was presented as a file folder to symbolize corporate documentation.

The animation showcases the company’s services and customer benefits. Created in Adobe After Effects, I tied in the brand’s colours, fonts, and overall feeling. The soundtrack is a groovy tune meant to motivate people, and incorporates friendly sounds like the double-bass and other string instruments.

In the video, after a few words on the value of quality content, unexpectedly, the background flips to white and the drumbeat kicks in. Here, the scene is set for presenting what Bluefish does and has to offer. In the end, a crescendo, peaking when the logotype suddenly appears. The website fades in as the music fades out.

Website with Client Dashboard





Business Cards


Colours and Typefaces

Robert Hacala Brand Design

Robert Hacala Brand Design



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